Microsoft Outlook Error 0x800ccc79 indicates that there is some issue with Outlook application.  In this article we have given step by step instructions to resolve the issue. The error 0x800ccc79 generally occurs while installing, opening, updating, uninstalling, removing or while sending/receiving emails.

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0x800ccc79 error support

The steps given below involves changing system setting and it can damage your PC if the steps are not follow properly. It is highly recommended these steps  should be followed under supervision of an Expert technician. We will have no responsibility or liability in relation to any loss or damage that occurs in the process.

Affected Microsoft Outlook Versions:

  • Outlook 365
  • Outlook 2016
  • Outlook 2013
  • Outlook 2010
  • Outlook 2007
  • Outlook 2003

Affected Operating Systems:

  • Windows 10/Windows 10.1
  • Windows 8/8.1
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista

Common Error message:

  • Task ‘XXXX – Sending’ reported error (0x800ccc79) : ‘Your outgoing (SMTP) server does not support SSL-secured connections. If SSL-secured connections have worked in the past, contact your server administrator or Internet service provider (ISP).’
  • Task ‘XXXXXXX – Receiving’ reported error (0x800ccc79) : ‘Unknown Error0x800ccc79’
  • Task  – Receiving’ reported error (0x800ccc79) : ‘Outlook data file cannot be accessed.’
  • Task  – Sending and Receiving’ reported error (0x800ccc79) : ‘Outlook data file cannot be accessed.’
  • Application failed to initialize properly(0x800ccc79). click on OK to terminate the application.
  • An unknown error has occurred. 0x800ccc79
  • 0x800ccc79 the operation cannot be performed because the connection to the server is offline
  • Error 0x800ccc79: The process cannot access the file because another process has blocked a portion of the file.
  • Service reported error (0x800ccc79) Outlook cannot connect to your (smtp) e-mail server.
  • “Error with Send/Receive’ during normal sync. There was an error synchronizing your folder hierarchy.”
  • Error 0x800ccc79: Not enough quota is available to process this command.
  • ‘Sending and Receiving reported error (0x800ccc79): Outlook is unable to connect to your outgoing (SMTP) e-mail server’
  • (0x800ccc79) Cannot send the message. Verify the email address in your account properties. The server responded:550 user (Your Email ID) has exceeded their send quota.
  • Sending reported error (0x800ccc79) : Cannot Send the Message. Verify the e-mail address in your account properties.
  • Task ‘XXXXXX – Receiving’ reported error (0x800ccc79) : ‘The message store has reached its maximum size. To reduce the amount of data in this message store, select some items that you no longer need, and permanently (SHIFT + DEL) delete them.’
  • The connection to the server has failed. Account: ‘<account name>’, Server: ‘<SMTP server name>’, Protocol: SMTP, Port: 25, Secure (SSL): No, Socket Error: 10051, Error Number: 0x800ccc79

Reason for error:

Outlook 0x800ccc79 error can occur due to following reasons:

  1. Internet Connection issue.
  2. Incorrect system configuration.
  3. Incompatible windows update.

How to Fix Outlook error code 0x800ccc79:

  • SFC Scan

Open Command Prompt in elevated mode. To open Command prompt in Windows 10, type CMD in search bar (“Ask me anything“) and right click on it and Click on “Run as Administrator“. And in the next window click on Yes.

SFC scan

In command prompt type the following command:

sfc /scannow

sfc scan result

  • Disable Skype/Antivirus

Sometimes Skype and any installed antivirus can conflict with windows update. While updating the windows disable them. You can enable them once the update is done successfully.

If  Outlook 0x800ccc79 error still persists even after following the above steps, it means the issue is critical and it should be fixed by manually replacing the update files. It is highly recommended to talk to one of our Support specialist to get the issue resolved.

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